The Little Gym® Uccle will send you information and exclusive promotions about its products and services and may partner with other organisations to offer you products and services that may be of interest to you. The Little Gym® Europe and its franchisee The Little Gym® Uccle will treat your customer data with respect and will not sell or transfer it to any of its partners. You will only receive our partners' offers through the communications of The Little Gym® Europe and its franchisee The Little Gym® Uccle.



I hereby acknowledge that any medical information I have communicated to The Little Gym® Uccle was given in good faith. I hereby give my permission to The Little Gym® Europe and its franchisee The Little Gym® Uccle to record and process it for the purposes and in the framework of the products and services provided by The Little Gym® Europe and its franchisee The Little Gym® Uccle.

I am hereby informed that I am free to subscribe or not to promotional electronic communications and to provide or not my permission for the above on the present form and that I may withdraw my subscription to promotional electronic communications and any of my permissions for the above at any time by sending a request, with a proof of my identity, to The Little Gym® Uccle or to



  • Family Membership Fee
    The annual membership fee is 50€. As a member of The Little Gym® Uccle, your family is entitled to discounts on Birthday Parties, Holiday and Summer Camps, and special events and you will have access to priority enrolment in our programmes. If you have opted-in to receive our promotional electronic communications you will receive prior notification of all events and promotions and will have priority enrolment in future programmes we offer. Membership fees are non-refundable and will not be prorated.
  • Make-Up Policy
    Classes cancelled due to illness or holidays may be made up during the term for which tuition has been paid according to availability. Notification must be received at least 24h in advance for you to be entitled to a make-up class. Missed classes may not be postponed into the next semester or during Holiday and Summer Camps and are not refunded. If your usual class falls in on a bank holiday, you are entitled to a Make-Up class. Please leave a message on our answering machine.
  • Clothing
    Children should wear comfortable clothing and must be barefoot to maximise safety and freedom. Jewellery, food and chewing gum are not permitted in the gym. Adults entering the gym are asked to remove their shoes (adults may wear socks).
  • Refunds
    Downpayment for classes are not refunded. Membership fees are non- refundable and will not be prorated. Classes and camps may not be refunded either, without a validated medical certificate.
  • Class Observation
    Parents, siblings and guests are always welcome to observe classes from the lobby. Siblings are not permitted to participate in class activities unless they are enrolled in that class.
  • Responsibilities
    We make every reasonable effort to ensure the safety of children in the gym and while they are in the lobby. Parents or legal guardians are ultimately responsible for seeing the safe entry and exit of their children. The Little Gym® Uccle is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


  • New members are welcome at any time during the semester subject to availability, fees are pro rated. Your child progresses at an age- appropriate pace receiving class recommendations during the semester.
  • The semester fee is paid in full at the time of enrolment and prorated according to the number of classes remaining.
  • During Priority Enrolment, Members have the option to settle in full or secure their place with a deposit of €200.
  • Balance is due at the latest at the beginning of a new semester.



  • I understand that there may be some risk of injury associated with participation in sport activities; and I hereby agree to waive any and all claims of liability, release and hold harmless The Little Gym® Europe and its franchisee The Little Gym® Uccle in the event that such an injury may occur to my child, except in the case of malicious act or serious misconduct from The Little Gym® Europe or its franchisee The Little Gym® Uccle.


  • In the event of injury, accident, and/or illness occuring to my child during The Little Gym® Uccle activities, when parent, legal guardian or emergency contact are not available, I hereby give my permission to The Little Gym® Uccle to procure medical attention to my child.

By submitting this form, I hereby agree to the Policies, Terms & Conditions and Waivers of The Little Gym® Uccle as stated on the present form.

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